Most people never noticed this.
There is bumps on the letter F, J & 5 on your keyboard.

What is those bumps for?
Those who learned computer typing during the time when still using the soft floppy disk time, might know about this. The instructor might already told you this and you still remember.

For a lot people nowadays, they do no know what is these bumps for and what they called.
These 3 keys area called “Home Keys”.
No! I’m not talking about this 1!!!


These bumps are made for people who usually typing without looking at the keyboard to sense the location of their index finger on the keyboard.
Nowadays not much people are typing without looking at the keyboard at all. But last time, there is a lot of pro people can type the whole page of article without even looking into the keyboard at all!
So these keys are made for them to make sure they locate their finger at the correct place.

The key “5” at the number pad is also a “Home Key”, but usually is role is not as important as the “F” and “J”. Because usually people who make use of these home keys, they will usually use four of their fingers at both side of their hands to sense.

Example, on the left hand, when their index finger is on the “F” key, they will automatically know that the keys at their left hand is “ASDF” and when their right index finger is on the “J” key, they will know that their right hand is on “JKL;”.

Anyway, these “F” & “J” is only “Home Keys” for QWERTY keyboards.
I’m not sure there is home keys for DVORAK keyboards or not, coz usually i see don’t have, and some have “U” & “H” key as the home keys.