I’m sure that there is a lot people is having problem looking for device drivers for their Windows PC. Especially those who bought a laptop which have a “Vista” sticker on it when they wanted to install Windows XP. It is getting harder to find Windows drivers nowadays, especially Windows XP device drivers for new hardwares.

A lot people do know that Vista is sucks and wanted to use Windows XP. But they only able to get the Vista driver for their devices. You might say, “you can find the XP driver from the laptop manufacturer”. But are you sure that you able to get the XP driver? 95% of these “Build For Windows Vista” laptops do not have Windows XP drivers in their manufacturer’s website. And you have to seek for the driver from 3rd party drivers download sites.

Although nowadays Windows 7 seems like fixed a lot of Vista’s bugs, but still, I can see a lot people still prefer to use Windows XP since it require lower resources consumption.

There is actually a lot of drivers download sites nowadays, some of it will let you download the drivers for free, and some of them need to you pay. But whatever it is, as long as it works (especially for those who doing computer format service), it is still consider worth to spend a bit for this. At least you can save up your time instead of looking for the driver everywhere and test it one by one and causing problems to your Windows during you testing each drivers you downloaded.

It is always good to have those device drivers detectors to find the correct drivers for you, automatically install it for you and do driver updates for you without need to care about much hassles.

Honestly, I really do not understand why these laptops manufacturers do not provide the Windows XP device drivers at all for their new laptops devices. They have to accept the facts that there is still a lot of people still prefer to use Windows XP rather than having Vista or Windows 7 in their laptop. Not providing Windows XP device drivers will not really able to convince these users from accepting Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Maybe this is their deal with Microsoft for forcing everyone to accept Vista or Windows 7. But it is a really stupid attempts. Due to the reason where people hard to get Windows XP drivers for new laptops, and these users prefer to use a low resource consumption OS, now a lot of these users who unable to find the drivers had switched over to Ubuntu Linux.

And for this, I really thanks to the stupid attempts made by these stupid manufacturers and Microsoft for making Ubuntu Linux user community getting larger and larger each day.

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