My Christmas Wishlist

It’s Christmas Again! I believe most people do have their own Christmas wishlist. Well, just a note to everyone. Christmas it not exactly a religion festival that can only celebrated by Christian only. In fact, it is a festival that Read More

Christmas Techno For 15 Minutes

Just found another very interesting Christmas song medley. Christmas Techno, to be exact.

3 Hours Of Christmas Songs!

In case if you are looking for some Christmas songs to listen, and lazy to find 1 by 1, here is a very very long track with 3 hours long of Christmas songs. This is the list of the songs Read More

Merry Christmas To Everyone!

Every year at this very same day, I will also post a Christmas greeting in my blog. To keep the tradition of this blog, here is my Christmas greeting to you. This year, you will not going to see anything Read More