Time has pass so fast. Christmas just over, and now is New Year.
1 more hour later, it will be year 2010.
So i would like to say Happy New Year to you.

Year 2009 is really an unforgettable year for me, too much things has happen. And some of those things that happened almost causing me not able to talk craps in my blog anymore.

Starting of 2009, I successfully get 1 of the biggest contract in my life. And it is the client who come and approach me them self, not I go and convince them to sign the contract. This has made my life easier as my income has greatly increase. Increased so much that I almost forget how spend wisely and save moneys.

Later on, I had made an announcement about something unbelievable about myself, something really shocking. And those people who think I am a person who have nothing special are shocked of what I announced and say I am a person who make the impossible become possible. Don’t ask me what izzit, coz I won’t tell and no point telling as you will not understand at all.

Then at middle of the year, a major break down of 1 of my client’s server which caused by the hardware. And dammit, HP server board spoil after only used for 1 1/2 year!? And refuse to warranty by making stupid excuse!? The damn server keep on power off every 10 minutes and caused the file system corrupted and guess what? A lot of important data in it. It took me damn much time to recover back all the data for my client. And since then, I had decided not to use HP products anymore and only use IBM and Sun Microsystem servers.

And not long after the server incident, at 18th July 2009. I was almost dead. Yes, you din read wrong, I almost Ham Kar Chan.
Read this article and you will know what happened.
I Was Dead, And I Am Now Alive Again!

I had then moved to a new house, A house that is 2 times bigger than the old house which was burnt. I restarted my life all over again since I had been used most of the money for the new house. I had started to spend money wisely once again and continue my software research. It is lucky that all my research materials, reports, records, soft copies etc is still not burned yet. And once again, I had re-setup my personal mini datacenter and setup back all my servers for my research and experiment purpose.

By the way, this is how I begin to hate P1 Wimax as I am not even able to use it for browse a single website smoothly even though it is only my PC is connected to the Wimax modem. I was thought of using a separate line for browsing purpose and the Streamyx is just use for my clusters and servers. But after that, I had to connect my desktop to the network and use Streamyx for online.

Then at November, I had finally get 1 more extra Streamyx line for online purpose. It is glad to see TM completed processed my application in just 2 days time and ready to use. At least, the “Potong” impact does make them to change their attitude. Now both Streamyx line is connected to the same network, but the clusters and the servers are connected to the Internet via the old Streamyx account and my PC and laptops is connected to the Internet via the new account. I was thought of want to do bonding for my lines, but at last decided not to do so since I don’t want to let the servers use all the speed and I am not able to watch youtube on full speed. hahahahah

Finally, at early of December. After all my personal servers is running well, everything including my businesses is back on track after the impact of the fire, I had started my 3rd company which is more focus on server hosting. Although my other 2 company also do sell servers and hosting as well (but more focus on IT solutions, network and servers deployment and consultation), but this new company is more focusing on selling dedicated servers, VPS and web hosting and operating via online only, which is more target on oversea markets such as US. Although it is just started not long ago, I am surprised that it is able to grow so fast and get so many businesses in such a short time. Even this new company reputation is increasing very fast, far more faster than my other 2 company which had already operated very long time ago. This had made me believe that non conventional way of advertising and marketing is more effective than conventional methods, although it is more risky and takes more attention on doing it.

So, at the end of 2009, I had become the director of 1 more company, total 3 companies in total!!! hahahaha! At least it is a good starting of the year and good ending of the year, although at mid of the year, it was so bad until I almost lost my life and my family. So make sure your house have a fire extinguisher!

Hopefully at year 2010, everything will be ok and without any bad things happen whole year through. I’ve been having enough problems in 2009 already, hope no more accident and causing trouble to me and my family life anymore. To avoid these incident happen again, start from year 2010 I will not buy any cheap China made electrical appliances anymore, I will only accept Haeir if the products is made in China.

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