Use More Electric During Earth Hour To Reduce Energy Waste!

Most people around the world will going to turn of their lights during the “Earth Hour” and say it will help reduce the energy waste. Well, I say fuck them. By turning off the lights at that 1 hour, actually Read More

My Generation

Just saw a video which is quite meaningful and it does bring back some on my childhood memories. Perhaps younger generation, do not understand why are these childhood activities are interesting. But for us, the generation which from no Internet, Read More

Not Everything On The Internet Is About You!

It had comes to my concern where the social media nowadays, had contaminated with all kinds of people. Notably, people who always thinks that everything on the Facebook, are all about them, while in fact, it isn’t. I believe most Read More

PETRONAS Motorsports – Reimagining Energy!

Note:This is a multi paged article. Please click to go to the next pages to read the whole article. [tube]LBFBmiSYFfc[/tube] If any of you did follow up this website’s update, you probably realize that yesterday, I posted a picture live Read More

River Flows In You

If you come to this website often enough, and spent some time on browsing around in this site, you will realize that there is a small mp3 widget at the top right of the page. And when you click it, Read More