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If any of you did follow up this website’s update, you probably realize that yesterday, I posted a picture live from the PETRONAS F1 Grand Prix Showcase yesterday.

I am lucky that I am able to get invitation for the opening of the showcase along with other 37 bloggers, and one of them is

At the PMGP2012 Showcase
When I arrived at KLCC Concourse level, after signed my attendance and enter the showcase area, I am able to see the F1 car(W03) at the middle and a Mercedes-Benz 2012 SLS AMG Roadster at the right side of the showcase area.

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W03

Mercedes AMG SLS Roadster

In the showcase, Petronas also lunched a Flash game called “Speed Of Sound”, where you need to have a microphone attached to you computer to play with it. This flash game will controlled using your voice, where your voice amplitude will be used to move the F1 car in the game. There is also a competition held for bloggers to compete with each other, and if not mistaken, the price is a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Obviously I did not win it.

Speed Of Sound

After the “Speed Of Sound”, we were brought to “The Apartment” restaurant for dinner and continue with speeches, and finally ends with some quiz and prize giveaway. Giveaway prizes are some Samsung Galaxy Note, S2, Tab and a Nokia Lumia 800.

It is sad that there are no Sepang F1 tickets given away during the dinner, as I really wish to go and watch the F1 race at the Sepang F1 circuit…

By the way, for your information, the 2012 F1 PETRONAS Malaysia Grand Prix Showcase is at Suria KLCC, Concourse level, from 17th March until 25th March 2012.
If you don’t know where is the KLCC Concourse, just go to KLCC’s lowest floor, the go to the middle of KLCC, then you will see the “Mercedes AMG Petronas F1” everywhere at that place. And that would be the KLCC Concourse.

So if you are interested in F1 GP stuffs, you should go and see it! At least go and touch the “Mercedes-Benz 2012 SLS AMG Roadster” and the “Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 W03” car displayed there. These two are very expensive cars, you know!?