If you come to this website often enough, and spent some time on browsing around in this site, you will realize that there is a small mp3 widget at the top right of the page. And when you click it, you will hear this music, “River Flows In You”.

The composer of this music is Yiruma, a Korean musician.
He had composed a lot of nice piano musics, most of it are very soft, love songs. If you do not know, all of the musics and songs in the “Four Season” Korean series, which consist of Autumn In My Heart, Summer Scent, Winter Sonata and Spring Waltz, are all composed by Yiruma.

Besides his talent on creating a lot of wonderful musics, he is also married to one of the Miss Korea. Well, such romantic musician, he deserve one of the most beautiful girl in Korea, right?

I started to know about Yiruma and his musics since few years back, just before the movie Twilight is release. There is a fan of the Twilight novel, suggested the music “River Flows In You” as “Bella’s Lullaby” and posted the song up to Youtube. Of course, people who like it, clicked the share button and posted it around the Internet.

That is where I know about this music and Yiruma.
Then I keep on repeatedly listen to this song, over and over again, and then I decided to search for his other musics.
Then only I found that the “Four Seasons” musics are all composed by him, and since I am a fan for the “Four Season” dramas, I also downloaded those songs as well. And keep on play them in my MP3 player.

The next thing I know, I am addicted to his musics and decided to look for more…
And eventually, I ended up download all his albums and have all his musics in my hard drive.
You know? I am a kinda emo kind of people when comes to musics, coz I like emo songs and musics.
As his musics are all so romantic, I once a while played his musics as well.
Playing his songs, do brings up some of my memories as well…

And now, here you are, I am sharing the music which introduced this talented composer/pianist to me.