It had comes to my concern where the social media nowadays, had contaminated with all kinds of people.
Notably, people who always thinks that everything on the Facebook, are all about them, while in fact, it isn’t.

I believe most of you did saw a lot these kind of people in Facebook. Even some of those who are in your friend list, are behaving like this as well.

I really do not understand why, some people had become like no life, and so desperate to seek for a life on the Internet. But obviously, they did it with the wrong way. In late 1990’s, people are using the Internet as a platform to seek for knowledge, and the Internet was used for easier way for interactions between people. Of course, some make new friends via the Internet that time.

But nowadays, the usage of Internet had already been abused, and some people, had become so addicted to the Internet and eventually, become quite anti-social.
Well, it is alright to become anti-social and live by your own. But when their desire on seek for attention grows, it will causing some very negative results.

Some will keep on interfere with other people’s affairs, and try to tell people what should they do, while do not even know what the hell is going on. Some, even hop around profiles to profiles, and read other people’s status updates, and then when they see something which it applies to them, they will quickly assume people are actually writing about them.

And when in some discussion forums, people are suppose to do discussions with open mind. But these people, can see the discussions as something against them!? How the fuck do these people have such ideas?

Come on! When people talk about something in general, it means it is spoken as in general, not you! I do not understand how these people can relate something which is not directly directed to them, as something about them!

Wah Lao Eh! Even when people talking about the current issues, politics, also they can say it is trolling them!?

I really do not understand, why there are such people who are not mature enough for public discussions, insist to get into these discussions group and then go against everyone saying people are trolling them. Who these people think they are anyway? If they do not have a mature enough mind to go on some heated discussions, they should not even continue to post anything anyway. Holding grudge over old topics and continue to slam people at the new topic over some expired topics, and keep on try to relate back to an expired topic!? Come on, grow up, would you!?

I am not posting this article due to I am holding grudge or what. But at this moment, I am still attacked by these kind of people and I feel that I wanted to write about this now! After all, this is my own blog, why the fuck would I need permission from someone else before I want to rant anything in my own blog, right?

So, you mad that I am writing something in my own blog that you think related to you? Well, like I going to give a damn about it anyway. As written at the fucking title of this article, “Not Everything On The Internet Is About You!”