I’m sure everyone of you had watched the video uploaded to Youtube regarding the i-City KFC staff verbally and physically attacked customers.

Although it is just merely a fight between the customers and the staffs of KFC i-City, but a lot of racist comment and make it become like a racial issue. While originally, the customer did not shout out anything insulting to any race at all.

Note: The word “Babi” does not resembles any races nowadays, as all the time, some impolite Malays like to call an impolite Chinese a “babi”. While impolite Chinese like to call an impolite Malay “babi” also. This means the new meaning of “babi” is a word for calling each other a “Kurang Ajar” person in Malaysia. As the word itself can’t be use for identify a person’s race anymore nowadays. It also now carries the same meaning like “pukimak punye orang!”

Ok, back to the topic I want to focus on.

After the “Kentucky Fight Customers” case, KFC had launched another promotional campaign in order to counter the boycott of those stupid people who just follow and boycott. Well, boycott do works on some other issue like those stupid government acts. But for this this, we should just boycott the i-City outlets, not other outlets which is not really related to that i-City GTA gang.

Anyway, since KFC had launched this promotion, I just go and take advantage on this promotion. Since after that i-City case, most other KFC security has become tighter and it is the safest time to go KFC now, as KFC Holdings are trying their best to sell only KFC fried chicken, not “Kentucky Fight Customers” to the people.