Please read before you fuck me off!
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In this article, I would like to write about mothers day stuff like what other bloggers did.
You know lah, everyone also write, then I just follow lor.

Ok, why the title of this article called Nia Mah Chao Hai?
Very simple. It show how important is a person who known as a mother.

Since primary school, how many of you head people scold about your father’s cock? Such as Nia Pah Chao Lan. No rite? You only hear before Nia Mah Chao Hai or Tiu Nia Mah Chao Hai.
This is actually a tribute to those mothers. Because womans who are mother had a great contribution and noble. This is why scolding someone’s mother is a very rude thing to do since you are scolding the person that brings him/her to this world.

I am not insulting woman here or anything, in fact I respect woman a lot.
I just wanted to write this article and talk about how important is the mothers character until people using this to scold someone as the most rude attack to another person.

But why scold Nia Mah Chao Hai? The reason is very simple, if your mother have a smelly vagina, means you are smelly. Other word you are smelly and retard(due to chocked by smelly smell when you born etc).

Try to think back and see, your mother has pregnant for 9 months, suffer for 9 months to take care of you when you still in her womb, but after you come out, you pissed people off like an ass hole. Of course people think that because your mother’s vagina got problem, thats why an ass hole like you was born to this world. Therefore, people who scold you Nia Mah Chao Hai is actually saying that you sia sui you mother as well.

There is no vulgar words using “father’s cock” so far because a father’s contribution is not giving birth to you, father’s contribution is to raise you by working hard and earn money for you. But usually children will waste these money without thinking how hard those money are earned, without thinking how hard the father have to suffer in working place.

While for mothers, mothers is the one that responsible to teach and guide you, to make sure that your attitude behave well, make sure that you work hard on your study. Since mothers is the one who suffered almost 1 whole year for taking care of you when you still in the womb, mothers is the one that have more rights to bash you up with rotan when you behave like an ass hole.

Since a mother’s contribution is so much, then behave better as an return. No matter how expensive present to buy for her during mother’s day, it is also useless. Behave like a human, not an ass hole, it will the greatest present you give her as mother’s day present. Do not become as ass hole until people say Nia Mah Chao Hai to you, it is a big insult to your mother. Your behavior will be the benchmark of how noble is your mother, how hard work is your mother on teaching you to become a good person, and also it is a benchmark of showing how much you love your mother.

There is another word for scolding people’s mother as well, it is “Pukimak“.
The meaning the exactly the same with Nia Mah Chao Hai, just that it is in another language, Bahasa Malaysia. So when people say you Pukimak, you are actually directly make your mother sia sui already!

At last, I would like to say Nia Mah Chao Hai to you all who read this to wish your mother a Happy Mothers Day!