Ubuntu Malaysia Official LoCo Lanching & Jaunty Jackalope Release Party!!!
Ubuntu Flyer

The party is at 31 May 2009, 8pm
As in 1 of my previous post I have written, Ubuntu Malaysia Community has become an official Ubuntu LoCo (Local Community) listed under Ubuntu.

We had delayed our launching party until now.
After some long discussion, we decided to do the launching party during the OSCONF Malaysia 2009(Open Source Conference Malaysia 2009).

Ubuntu Malaysia will going to be 1 of the open source exhibitor during the OSCONF.
And yes, like other Ubuntu events, we will going to give away Ubuntu Linux CD!!!
But 1 thing, The OSCONF itself is not free to enter, you have to pay for the entrance fees.

But the party will be open to public for free!!!
The Ubuntu party will start at about 8pm evening after the OSCONF seminars has finished.
You can bring as much friend as you like to join this party. The more, the better.
There might be a lucky draw session during the party, but still, it depends on the sponsors.
If we get sponsor to sponsor the lucky draw prize, then it will be more fun during that day.

For those who are already using Ubuntu Linux, but do not know there is a Ubuntu Linux Community in Malaysia, you are welcome to join yourself into this community during the party. We will tell you how to become a member. And becoming a member is free, no fees!!!

If you have any question about Ubuntu, you are welcome to ask us during the party as well.
No matter you a male or female, young or old, you are welcome to join us.

For those who want to understand more about what is the word Ubuntu means, here is a quotes I copied from the Ubuntu website.

Ubuntu is an African word meaning ‘Humanity to others’, or ‘I am what I am because of who we all are’. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.

And Nelson Mandela also had explained what izzit mean.

Since Ubuntu is for all humanity, so you may asking anything during the party.
We are ready to help.

Remember to come to the party!!!
If you lucky, you may win some prize during the lucky draw!
And you might find out who I am there!