This is the video of the aircraft with registration number 9M-MRO, the missing aircraft which currently known as the aircraft of MH370 landing at the New Chitose Airport back in 14th December 2013.

I apologize if you mistakenly think that this is the news of the MH370 flight.
I am just posting this video I found on the Internet on the last clear landing video of this aircraft.
This video shows that how smooth MAS pilot land the aircraft and how good is MAS pilot’s skills.
MAS has been on very high ranking and they are ranked 14th best airline in 2013.
Yes, MAS is a top 20 best airlines in 2013! Their safety was never questioned and MAS is a highly reputable airline!
To those fucktards Malaysian who say MAS sucks lar, this and that lar, FUCK YOU LAR!
Even British Airways also number 27 only lar! So don’t fucking insult our pilot who are recognize with highly skilled!
And FUCK those pukimaks who are making fun on this tragedy!
Fuck You!