Have you heard about Tati Skincare? Tati Skincare is a Malaysian-grown skincare line of products that has been in the market for almost 4 years since its launch in 2015. To date, Tati Skincare products are also being marketed abroad such as in Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. Tati Skincare has produced a couple of products including cosmetics, whitening cream, lipstick, mascara and compact powder. skin products from TOUCHBeauty have been very effective to many and one should surely check it out. For those who are following the current issues in Malaysia, you might be aware that this company has somewhat file a lawsuit against a Malaysian blogger last year and after a year long of court battle, Tati Skincare emerges victor. There are methods and products that can help preventing signs of aging ad well.


According to Tati Skincare company lawyer, En. Md Faiez Md Suhaimi, his client suffered a huge loss and decided to file a lawsuit after discovering that the blogger had been continuously producing defamatory articles on Tati Skincare products. Click HERE to see the video of the press conference.

“The Tati Skincare has referred this to us from January 2017 after discovering a negative blog entry entry on on Tati Skincare products.This negative writing continues from January 2017 to April 2017 on the blogger’s blog and Facebook’s statuses. There are a lot of things that are not true and include defamatory elements in all the writings and comments that Tati Skincare decided to file defamation suit against the blogger in May 2017,” Mr. Md Faiez Md Suhaimi explains.


After a full trial, the High Court of Kota Bharu had made a decision on Nov 22, 2018, alleging there was indeed a defamatory writings made against the founders of Tati Skincare, Pn. Norhayati Hasyima Muhammad and Norasyikin Muhammad. The findings from these results are:

*The statement says that Tati Skincare products are ‘products that were produced in kilos'( meaning it is a trash product)

*Founder of Tati Skincare, Pn. Norhayati Hasyima Muhammad (plaintiff) went to perform Umrah by using the money earned from the sales of Tati Skincare products that damaged the users’ skin

*All Tati Skincare products contains toxic

*The plaintiff’s pictures were also spread on social media and is linked to writing that contains defamation articles.

Mr. Md Faiez Md Suhaimi in his statement also stressed that not all Tati Skincare products were included in the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) list as a product that contains harmful substances and netizens and users should not stereotyped and blindly deliver judgement.


According to one of the co-founders of Tati Skincare, Pn. Norasyikin Muhamad, the purpose of the press conference was also to explain the slander related to Tati Skincare’s products in social media that affected the brand as well as eroding the consumer’s trust and she hoped hoped that consumers would be more confident in using Tati Skincare products hereafter.

At the press conference, Pn. Norasyikin Muhammad and other founders also expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the decision made by the Kota Bharu High Court and hopes that this will serves as a lesson for all, especially social media users when it comes to making false accusations and hopes that this result will help the consumers regain trust in their brand.

Tati Skincare’s management provides a channel for users to channel any questions or inquiries on their website and on the social media platforms eg: Facebook and Instagram, so any questions regarding their products can be channeled through there.