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As you all probably know, I’m doing business in IT line. I provide an A-Z IT solution to companies as well as home users who requires my service. Being in IT industry would also mean that I need to communicate with my suppliers who are more often than not, are not in Malaysia.

I used to use Skype to communicate with my suppliers, business partners as well as associates alike, but Skype does not offer me clarity, and there’s always echo and a few seconds of lagging each time I make calls using Skype.

Then I was introduced to iTalkWhoa. I was surprised with the long distance calls quality. It’s way better than Skype, and therefore, I’ve been using iTalk Whoa since my discovery.

iTalkWhoa is not free, but they definitely offers very good calling rate, and lately, someone asked me where they can purchase credits for iTalkWhoa. Well let me tell you where you can obtain your iTalkWhoa credits.

You can get