I have a confession to make.
Not to the god, but to everyone who reading this blog.
The previous “End Of Another Day” post is not the original post. It is actually reedit and posted out after filtered some parts that might provoke some people.
The original ones is still in the draft form.

At the time I am writing this, it is raining, with very very loud thunder outside there.
And I am still reluctant to turn of the desktop and offline.
Yes, this post is scheduled.
It is 4pm 29th June now.

I found that a lot things, is started off from a confession. And it ends with another confession.
Some confession is spoken out completely, some is not and only spoken out half, due to come complexity.
As you can see, this post is just a half confession.
Reason? There might be some other ear is listening to your confession.
Another ear that you do not want the words you spoken goes to.

Sometimes, it is hard to speak out words that we really wanted to express out. While some people, they able to speak out the words, but refuse to speak them out.
It is so sad to see that it have to be that way.

This post is a scheduled post.