As you can see recently, there is not much of my post which is shooting people and talk crap like last time.
Even some of the silent readers also suddenly come and message me in facebook and by email, asking me WTF is going on? Why there is no more funny things in this blog anymore. Even some of the people who are following my “Sohai” group in facebook, asked, did the group changed owner? Why no more sohai things in the status updates already?

Recently I had been gone through a lot.
So damn much that I can never imagine.
Financially, emotionally, mentally, etc.
All got disturbance…

A down fall of one of my empire, has greatly affected my emotion.
At this point, I can’t even think of anything in a proper way now.
No pain no gain right?
Maybe, but the pain was too great to be handled.
Too much effort has been put in it and it has now fallen.
So damn suffer now!
And yet, I am still alive and I am trying to do my best, no matter what.
I believe that this empire has not totally fall yet, although it seems like falling…


Someone please tell me, the graph will go up back, and go up higher than before…
Someone please help me to make this graph go up back higher…
I never expect that this graph can actually causing my emotion and mood changed so drastically…
When I just started this empire, I did not expect that It will be so important to me. And now, damn! This empire had become so damn important to me!!!

Woi!!! Wait!!! WTF is going on?
Why the fuck am I writing like a girl already lah woi!!!
Where the fuck is all my confidence gone lar woi!

But anyway, I will still try my best, no matter what.
Although the graph might be fallen to 0, I will still try my best to maintain the empire and slowly make the graph goes up back.
I will not give up on this empire!

By the way, I am sorry to those readers that is expecting some interesting post updates. Pray for me and wish me luck. Maybe soon I might be writing something funny again when my mood had become better…