I have a confession to make. Not to the god, but to everyone who reading this blog. The previous “End Of Another Day” post is not the original post. It is actually reedit and posted out after filtered some parts Read More

Microsoft .NET vs Java – trailer

Warning! There is 1 obscene scene in this video! If you are under age, don’t play this video! Ok, some of you might not understand the meaning of this video. It is actually a geek jokes against Microsoft. Feel free Read More

End Of Another Day

When writing this post, the time has just passed 12am. It is just the end of yesterday, and the beginning of another day. Many people might be wondering why my recent post is so sentimental and so emo. Any reason Read More

The Lab Coats Story

A friend of mine, always dream to become a doctor. He always go and buy those medical related reference book, then read and read and read… He even able to memorize those medical terms accurately. But then again, he is Read More

My Mind Is Blank Now

As you can see recently, there is not much of my post which is shooting people and talk crap like last time. Even some of the silent readers also suddenly come and message me in facebook and by email, asking Read More