Burnt Server

Some of you might realize that this blog was down for almost 1 whole day, at yesterday.
It is not hacked or attacked.
In fact, it is my own fault for test to upgrade something in the VPS(backend) to a beta things which looks cool with its new functions.
But turns out that my curiosity had actually bring so much damage to the whole VPS….

Anyway, luckily the database was not affected, only lost all the files!!! Which actually I have the older backup of it.
You might see that there is a little difference on the layout now. And yes, this was the theme files which I backed up at December of 2009!
Damn, lost so much hard effort…

I am so fortunate that my other blog which is a very important blog, is able to recover without problem at all. It is in fact, able to recover totally and I am damn happy with it.
While for this blog, damn…..
Lost so much things that I had edited for it…..