I was suppose to write a post about an event I attended at last Saturday morning, before rushing to “somewhere else” at 2pm.

But guess what? Now I have to delay writing it because of no mood to write the post properly. Some noob spoiled my mood today by keep asking for me to provide support over something which is fucking cheap that he purchase from me, and that is fucking 3.30am! While in the fucking order email, it has stated properly the delivery time frame can be up to 48 hours, in case of stock shortage or holiday etc, and usually will be within few hours time as long as I am online.

And that fucking noob, go and call me up at midnight to keep on ask when the fucking $10 shit will be deployed for him, so that he can run a fucking game server to play some fucking games! And not only that! Wake me up already, then still expect me to teach him step by step how to setup that fucking Windows VPS! If you don’t know how to use Windows 2008, why the fuck are you buying a Windows VPS lar woi! Din fucking read the damn AUP/TOS that the fucking cheap $10 VPS is not managed and everything inside is the customer’s own responsibility to setup them self ar!? Sell you so cheap already, you still expect service like you paying for the whole $10k rack of servers ar!?

Next time before you fucking buy anything, read the fucking AUP/TOS before your click the fucking order button! And do not expect a $10 VPS service to be like you bought the whole rack of servers lar woi! Say already there are no phone support provided for that thing, still keep on call at midnight! You don’t want to sleep, you expect other people will be staying awake just to serve you ar!?

Fuck you lar woi!