A friend of mine, always dream to become a doctor.
He always go and buy those medical related reference book, then read and read and read…
He even able to memorize those medical terms accurately.

But then again, he is very weak when studying especially biology, he always fail in that subject.
Now, due to unable to get himself into medical courses, he had gone for pharmaceutical courses.
And he is a pharmacist now.

As I was a researcher of some research(I will not mention what research is that), I do have some Lab Coats. When he saw those lab coats, he always jealous about it.
I had given him one of the lab coats, and he was so happy with it.

Anyway, now he have a girlfriend who is a nurse, working in a hospital around Kuala Lumpur.
And guess what he said to me? He is attracted to her when saw her wearing the pink Nursing Scrubs when he went to the hospital.
And he always made himself sick, so that he can go to the hospital more often.
A crazy attempt, but at least, it works.
Now, the nurse had become his girlfriend.

Anyway, seeing that he is so happy to be together with his girlfriend now, I would like to wish him luck, as well as congratulate him.