Iron Man 2 Official Poster Released

The official Iron Man 2 poster has been release to the public by Marvel. You can expect to see this poster everywhere when the cinemas is ready to put this movie on the screen.

Ironman Official Trailer 2

Ironman 2 Extended Trailer (Trailer 1+2) Ironman 2 Trailer 2 From this 2 trailer, you will not only able to see Wiplash(The nemesis of Ironman) and The War Machine(Ironman’s sidekick). You will be also able to see Ironman’s new suite Read More

Ironman 2 Official Trailer

Just wanted to share something I like to those people who like it also. Ironman 2 will be release at 2nd May 2010. I’ve been waiting for so long for this 2nd episode. This episode, The War Machine is finally Read More