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WTF!? Not Syok Ar? Bite Me Lar!

This is not a diary! And for those who think blog is a diary, why you write your diary and put it on the web? So stupid!

Happy Doomsday!


Well, usually people will say “Happy New Year!” today.
I prefer to say “Happy Dooms Day!”

So, it has comes to the time for me to list up my goal, and review my own achievement of the goal I set last year at the same time. But since the database was corrupted and I am not able to read what goal I have set, so never mind then. If I can’t remember what izzit, means they are not important goals. LOL

And now, listing of my 2012 goal:
1. Get a new car.

2. Get myself a new apprentice, as my previous apprentice, has failed me.
If you got read my previous posts, I believe you will know what is going on.

3. Kill the CPB bill and restore freedom to the IT industry!
Not only me wish for this, I believe a lot IT personnel also wish for the same thing.

4. Same old thing, grow my web/VPS/dedicated server hosting business.

5. Complete the HE IPv6 certification until the “Sage” level.
Currently until “Professional” level. 1 more level to go.

6. Want to successfully deploy an IPv6 gateway server.
Need to make sure I am able to setup the IPv6 gateway server at home, so that I will be ready for deploy an IPv6 network to be use for my hosting business.

7. Complete my satellite project.
I doubt this can be complete this year, since I am not that rich for all the equipments. But anyway, just put it in the list lah.

8. Get a 42U rack at Cyberjaya.
Related with my hosting business. But hopefully the business will grow until I can afford 1 whole rack in Malaysia, since Malaysia datacenter is selling bandwidth like selling gold like that.

9. Vote BN out from becoming the government again.
I’ve been suffered too much under the governance of BN. I believe a lot people also feel the same as me. You see the CPB bill and the PAB bill, you also can know a lot of people hate BN a lot already lah.

10. Move to new house.

DMCA to protect your website’s contents


In my previous post about Creative Commons, I did mentioned about DMCA, and promised that I will write about what is DMCA. Although I had delayed a few post, but now I had publish it now.

DMCA is actually stands for “Digital Millennium Copyright Act”. This website http://www.dmca.com is actually a service where they assist you in order to claim your rights of the contents you published.

So, what this DMCA service do?
When you found that someone had stolen some contents of your website, posted in their own website, and your contents are copyrighted, you can ask DMCA to do the necessary take down action on your behalf. They will either contact the copycat website owner to request to remove that specific contents, or if he/she refuse to remove it, then DMCA will contact the hosting provider to suspend/terminate that copycat’s hosting account to make sure the stolen contents are gone from other places on the Internet, and make sure only you, the rightful owner is hosting that particular contents.

Other than website contents, other things like songs, movies, pictures, etc. As long as they are copyrighted by you, you may request them to do the take down on your behalf in case you found them published to the Internet without your permission.

Of course, this take down service is not free. They will charge you for each time taking down the contents from those copycat’s website. Or you can subscribe monthly or yearly “Website Protection Pro” service where they will provide scanning tools for your to check whether someone is stealing your contents or not. This service also allow you to legally use the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” to force the copycat to remove the contents yourself.

My 2010 Report Card.

Finally, the year 2010 will be end soon.
Anyway, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas as I did not write any Christmas greeting article this year due to I was too busy with a lot of things.

Same like last year, this year also have a lot of wonderful things happened. Of course, when there is wonderful things happened, there will be also bad things happened.
But fortunately, this year does not have something happened which involve life.
You may check out my previous year’s end of year post at:
Going to be year 2010 in 1 more hour.

So, now I shall preview back the goals I have set at the early of the year at Year 2010 Goals To Achieve.
I shall make a report card for myself now.
There are 11 goals I have set, so lets see how well I do in this whole year.

1. Expand my new company to another level, increase the profit.
This goal has already succeed. Although there was some hiccup starting mid of the year, where there was only very low number new sales, for a few months, but still making profit. Then it finally goes up back rapidly during December.

And guess what? Although the sales quantity was not as high as early of the year, but the value of the sales is damn high! Each one of the sales value is almost equal to the total sales values at the early of the year!
And now it is still keep on growing even bigger again! A lot of new products also had been added and become flagship products of this company!
I also merged my other company which is doing the similar things into this company! Since the merging, this company reputation has grown a lot! And after the merging, all the workloads seems reduced and easier for me to manage.
So, consider goal archived.

2. Add more servers in Malaysia data centers, increase local sales.
Ok, this one I had failed.
I was too focus on the new company and neglected the company I established in Malaysia. But well, I do manage to improve this company, maintain the income and grow it up with other products which is not related with web hosting service.

3. Maintain oversea businesses (all 3 of my companies), and try to double up the revenue compare to last year.
Well, this goal had been achieved successfully. In fact, the revenue not only double up, they are quadruple up. Maybe this is because I had merged 2 of the company and gained trust of oversea customers. But sadly, the company in local, I didn’t focus on it too much and did it did not penetrate oversea market.
But hey! The other 2 company did grow like hell, it is damn good already, right?

4. Contribute more effort in Opensource, write more articles about Opensource. Also, plan to become an IT magazine columnist where my articles can help those who wanted to learn more about Opensource. Especially on Ubuntu & WordPress.
Ok, this one I would say I only manage to succeed half only.
I did spend more time in Opensource stuffs. But Opensource articles has become less.
The plan for write for an IT magazine did not succeed because the founder of the Opensource magazine had abandoned the project somewhere around mid of the year.

On Ubuntu Linux wise, I am less active during mid year on wards. But I had become much more active in a new community, the Malaysia Debian User Group (DebMal). Although it is an very old distro, but the community is still very new in this country. Plus Ubuntu is built based on Debian, so I had decided to help on make this new community grow.
In fact, I even host the DebMal portal website in the very same server as this blog now!

About Wordpres…
I have to say, damn… When I was wanting to write the WordPress book, the version 3.0 had release. So I have to start allover to write again. Anyway, you can expect my WordPress book to be release somewhere around mid of 2011(hopefully).

cPanel Vulnerability Found!!!


I know a lot of sysadmins are very lazy to do work, especially today is weekend.
You lazy mother fucker! Go login into your damn servers and patch that fucking thing! You lazy asshole!!!

Anyway, before posting this article, I already done my upgrades to my servers. So you are consider reading this updates damn late already.
So go patch your cPanel/WHM now, don’t delay anymore or someone in your server will gonna root you up!

By the way, here is the stuff I’ve found and I copy and past it here.

A privilege escalation vulnerability exists in Exim, the mail
transfer agent used by cPanel & WHM.

Security Rating
This update has been rated as Critical by the cPanel Security team.

Research up to this point indicates the exploit is a buffer overflow
vulnerability that takes advantage of the default Exim configuration
settings related to altering Exim’s runtime configuration file along
with overriding the macro definitions in the configuration file.
This buffer overflow may lead to arbitrary code execution with the
privileges of the user executing the Exim daemon. However, the Exim
user retains root privileges when running the -C and -D command line
flags. Through the creation of a temporary exim configuration which
is processed with the -C or -D flags, the Exim user is able to
execute arbitrary commands as root.

To resolve and work around the issue, for Linux-based systems cPanel
has issued new Exim RPMs. The new version of Exim locks configuration
file locations to the /etc/exim prefix as well as disabling use of
the -D flag.
Server Owners are strongly urged to upgrade to the following Exim RPM

My Domains DNS Issues

DNS Path

Some of you who did follow my tweets or my Facebook updates, might already know what happened.
Last week, when I was trying to access to some of my websites, I am not able to reach the website.
At first, I thought it was the VPS overload again, since I use the VPS for too many websites and technically, I am abusing the VPS like how people is playing SM. Lol

But when I try to access this blog, hey! This site is still up! The VPS isn’t down and I am able to ssh into the VPS when I directly ssh to this VPS’s IP. And I checked the VPS load, it is only less than 0.8. So it means the VPS is ok. When I tried to access a few more websites that hosted in this same VPS, there is a few other domains is unresolvable. I immediately try to switch my network setting and try to use Google DNS( to access those domains that is unresolvable. Amazingly, I am able to reach the websites without problem. So I had confirmed that there is something wrong with the Streamyx DNS.

I called up Streamyx and made a report. Then to make the issues to solve sooner, I called up one of the Streamyx technician I who I know and told him about this. Then he requested me to send the list of domains and the VPS IP so that he can check. He then told me it could be their DNS server having some issues and they will take a look on it. Around less than a week time, all the issues was solved and those websites are able to be access again.

At first, I though that my domains were null routed, since the first domain I find out that is unable to access is my web hosting billing site, where my web hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server clients pays their invoice at that site. I thought it was a sabotage. But then, when I find out that even some of my private sites which is not expose to the public, are also unreachable, so it means it could be some other reason, not a sabotage.

I was so frustrated during the time where the domains is unable to be access. One of the main reason is because a few of the websites that is unreachable is those websites which is very very important to me. Although I am able to access to the websites via Google DNS, but not other people. They might thought that the websites had closed down!

But anyway, since the issues was resolved, I am happy about it already.
No more stress on fear of unable to receive payment, or frustrated of worrying that my other websites is not able to reach by its visitors.

Gnome DNS Setup

Ok, for those who do not know what the fuck I am talking about, you may read this part.
This part will explain WTF is DNS and why is it so important to a website.

Ok, please take a look on the first picture of this article. There is “Requested Web Server”, “Root DNS Servers”, “ISP DNS Servers” and the last ones is “Web User”.

Requested Web Server: It is the server where the website you are trying to access is hosted. Usually, it do have its own DNS service to allow the web masters manage the domains pointed to that server in order to create sub domains, point the sub domains to other server etc.
Root DNS Servers: The DNS servers that is holding the records about where is the domain name(.com, .net,.org, and .wat-ever-lah) is pointed to. Usually the records is set to be pointed to an existing name server that had already been setup by the web hosting provider. But in some case, like mine, I pointed my domains to a 3rd party DNS server, then from the 3rd party DNS server, I create A records(IP) and point to my VPS and other servers.(I think I’ll just skip this part, coz it will be very very long if I only focus on this part.)
ISP DNS Servers: This DNS server is the DNS servers which is run by the ISP. In this case, it is Streamyx. Each ISP have their own DNS servers. But you can choose to use 3rd party DNS servers such as Google DNS or OpenDNS, as long as you know the DNS server’s IP.
Web User: Very obvious, that is you, the person who is using the internet.

How The Fuck Do It Work?
When you are trying to browse a website, usually you will type the website address in the browser, and the browser will load and show you the website right? In this process, your browser is actually sent a request to the “ISP DNS Servers” and request for the website’s IP address. It then will be routed to the “Requested Web Server” and when the “Requested Web Server” get the request, it will send back the reply to the browser with the websites which the domain is pointed to for the “Web User” to browse.

Usually, changes of the domain name’s DNS record is done via the domain name’s control panel which it is provided by the domain name registrar. Every time when a web master change the domain’s DNS, the changes will be updated to the “Root DNS Servers”. The DNS records will then fetched by the “ISP DNS Servers” to keep as a cached DNS record. Whenever a “Web User” is trying to browse to any domain, the cached DNS records will be sent to the “Web User” from the “ISP DNS Servers”.

For my case, the issues occurs at the “ISP DNS Servers” where it did not resolve my domains DNS records.
But anyway, the problems is solved now.
If you want to read more about DNS, you can go to HERE and read more details about DNS.