“Freedom Campaign” To Reject CPB2011 Bill

Proposal for “Freedom” campaign, in case of our voice are ignored by MOSTI and insisting on implementing BCP2011.

“Freedom” Campaign
Our Demand For Freedom In IT Practitioning, As in:

1. Freedom to select skills that we have to perform in our job, not restricted by any parties or law.
2. Freedom to select products or softwares that we prefer to deploy a system, without interference of any parties or law.
3. Freedom to select vendors we prefer, to deploy the system as we see fit, not under the pressure of any parties.
4. Freedom to select which skill we want to learn and using it to serve the people and the IT industry, not restricted by any parties by telling us we should only learn skill that they certified.
5. Freedom of selecting any certification we wanted to pursue, without any parties telling us that the certification we pursue, are not recognized by the government or such.
6. Freedom of innovation, in order to design a system set as we desire without restricted by the law which forbid us to use tools/softwares that are not certified by them.
7. Freedom of selecting providing service, as long as the deal is agreed by the service provider and the clientèle, not restricted by any parties to interfere regarding the certification of the service provider.
8. Freedom to select softwares to use, as in its license. No parties shall impose the restriction on what type of software license we should use. Which means, we are allowed to choose softwares which is license in any type of Open Source softwares, and not restricted to only paid and patented softwares.
9. Freedom to decide whether we want to submit our personal certification details and skills sets list to any ruling party, if that service is not a service which is provided to the government.
10. Freedom to not register to the government agencies under the BCPM bill for doing IT business which is not related to the government. And the government must allow IT practitioners to run their business without any special IT registration or interference. Only registration to SSM is needed.

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 “Freedom Campaign” To Reject CPB2011 Bill by Garfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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    11. That the services from the IT-Supplier (Company, Entity, Private Persons, Partnership of Private persons) will be delivered according to a Service Level Agreement in which the achievements of the IT-Services-Supplier agreed upon will be mentioned herein. This SLA will contain also detailed data regarding the recent Inventory and the needed requirements in relation to this SLA. In connection with this the supplier will supply an audit in which he clarifies the specific services he will supply on basis of the inventory and requirements of the customer. These services should be specified in: 1. The Software Packages Needed including the License Costs if necessary and the needed customization(s) and modification(s) 2. The implementations 3. The capacity of Server (if applicable) needed 4. The capacity of Internet-connection (or capacity of the Hosting) 5. Also mentioning outsourcing parties with specified services concerned (if applicable) 6. The service to be delivered after initial completion

  • frans van der star

    12. In regard to article 11 we propose urgently standard SPECIFIED Service Level Agreements for each sector or discipline within the IT-Services-Branch, which are acceptable for both the Private- and the Public Sector. Evidently we are willing to cooperate with authorities to draft the concepts needed. These SLA’s will have then the same status as the well-known obligatory “Sell and Purchase Housing Agreement”