Wah! Windows 7 Is So Secured!!!

You want to know how secured is Windows 7 or not?
I can tell you, it is damn fucking secured that I can steal all the passwords in the Windows in just 5 seconds.
It seems like Windows did improve a lot. From easy to get hack (Win3.11), now become damn fucking easy to get hack(Win7).
This is why I use Linux now, hahahaha.

You see the picture up there?
That is the thing that used for steal passwords, key logging, screen capture and do a lot things, in just 5 seconds.
This thing is called Stealth iBot a.k.a Computer Spy.

This is the features that listed in the Computer Spy website:
* Covertly Record Everything A Person Does On A Computer
* Remove Stealth iBot

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Wah! Windows 7 Is So Secured!!! by Garfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • agreed!

  • hahahhaha nice post! i want to try too!

  • Sigh…why do ppl create all those virus and spyware at the 1st place?

  • @kelvin,
    coz they can get benefit from it.
    last time, viruses is created to sabotaj,
    nowadays, “adsware” and “spywares” is created for themself to take advantage on ur “Windows”
    ur Windows might be a place for automatic sending spam mails in the next hour if u get infected of them these things.

    this is y i prefer to use linux.
    currently no one is able to program any working virus for linux/unix based OS.
    unlike Windows, sampah also it can run without the PC owner’s authorization at all.

    Windows is already known as a weak platform, so who will also want to take advantage on it lar.

  • Is there really any difference between Windows 7 and like Vista or XP?? Lazy to update laaa

  • @Nicholas C,
    Vista has added a lot useless things and it consumed a lot of RAM.
    And vista takes damn such of hard disk space without even have any useful things it it compare to XP.

    While Windows 7, it is actually SP3 of Vista and upgrades of its interface and add some extra features of Vista only.

  • Didn’t mention about the price though… and where to get it. Damn interested to get one.

  • @Dak Wan,
    there is a link in the article,
    just click the link and buy from there.
    it is about US$270 each

  • Cool! Useful gadget, I wanna buy it 🙂

  • @Celeste,
    yeah, it is kinda useful when u need to steal some information

  • Wow I’d like to get a hold of that gadget!
    .-= –==Naturally Nesh

  • @Naturally Nesh
    then go buy 1 lar

  • garfield. could you help me on something? I couldn’t retrieve my lost password @ bloggerunited. I don’t know how to .. Is there any other than rei99 that can help me solve this problem? I don’t even know how to contact rei99 :s

    hope you can gimme some solutions

    sorry and thanx

    .-= –==angeldream

  • windows or no windows….so long as i can watch porn ok d…..lolz

  • @Firdaus,
    the only way is to ask rei to reset ur password manually.
    rei is the only 1 who have access to the database to reset someone’s password.
    so, sorry, nothing I can do, since i am also a normal user at bloggerunited.

    this is rei’s facebook, try to contact rei via facebook

    if just for watch porn, wat OS also can lah.