What if The Matrix Is Running On Windows?
Ever think of it?
When I am browsing around the blogspore, I found a very interesting video which it completely mentioning about the problems that Windows always have. And if you watch it properly, you will find that what it says in the video is actually true about Windows.

All these Windows error you see in this video, none of them exist in Linux. This has proved that Linux’s stability is not questionable at all.

Due to I am really fed up with all these Windows problem, I had decided to use Ubuntu Linux full time. Since I am using my computer to do my work, all multimedia features in Windows is totally useless for me. Even if I need these multimedia features, I still can get the same thing in my Ubuntu.

Another reason why I love Ubuntu Linux so much is its features and applications that I really need for my work. All these application are not included in Windows by default and I have to go and download those free trial or those third party software to install it into Windows. But when I am using Ubuntu Linux, I just need to search it from the Synaptic Package Manager, tick the application I want to install, then click “Apply” then the application will be installed automatically into my Ubuntu Linux. Much more simple and saving my time as well. Of course, now I am prefer to install applications via command line, since it is even more faster than using the Synaptic Package Manager, lol.

Some people are saying that after you use Linux, you will not able to use any Windows based software at all, is that true?
I’d say thats not true. If I want, I can run the Windows based software using WINE, an emulator to allow you to run Windows softwares in your Linux. Guess what? I even played WarCraft 3 in my Ubuntu Linux!

And how about antivirus? You can’t find any antivirus for Linux, right?
Yeah, correct. Coz Linux don’t need antivirus. Antivirus is only needed in Windows, and virus is programed to attack Windows users only. There is no virus in Linux, and even if someone write a virus for attack Linux, it will not be able to run, since if you do not authorize an application to run, it will not run. Which means you have total control on your desktop, unlike in Windows, you have only very little power to control how your Windows is running.

“I found that there is antivirus for Linux, then why you say Linux don’t need antivirus?”
Yeah, there is. Those antivirus is build for Windows user’s sake, not for Linux users.
These antivirus is for scanning infected files and remove them so that when Windows users access the server and retrieve those files, their Windows will not effected by these files. It is build for protecting Windows users, Linux users don’t need antivirus. Hahaha.

Anyway, some of you might heard of Windows 7 or Windows Vienna.
And guess what? This Windows 7 desktop environment looks 90% same with the KDE4 which you use for Linux.
(There is a lot of window manager for used with Linux.)
And there is lots of people angry and saying that M$ is using the BSD Unix kernel codes for their Windows 7 kernel.
I got to say, WTF!? Steal the codes from the opensource side, then they claim it as their own codes ar!?
But think back and see, normal lah, coz they also used the GRUB boot loader for Vista.
(GRUB is the boot loader that you can always see in Linux and BSD Unix, it is an opensource type of software.)
So it is normal for them to steal more codes for their next Windows release lar.

Correct me if I am wrong about the Windows 7. But this is what I see in forums everywhere and from my observation, it does make sense after I have tested/checked it myself.

So, you still want to pay for something that is originally able to obtain for free and legal after it is “Rebranded” by some company?
You can go on and use pirated version. But I say, it is better if you download the legal ones for free which is not “Rebranded” by some company!