Wah! Windows 7 Is So Secured!!!

You want to know how secured is Windows 7 or not? I can tell you, it is damn fucking secured that I can steal all the passwords in the Windows in just 5 seconds. It seems like Windows did improve Read More

Pidgin – Messenger For All IM Networks

I am sure most people who online often nowadays is using instant messenger like MSN, Yahoo, Google G Talk, Face Book Chat, or maybe even ICQ and IRC. But usually people might be running a few different softwares to chat Read More

What if The Matrix Is Running On Windows?

What if The Matrix Is Running On Windows? Ever think of it? When I am browsing around the blogspore, I found a very interesting video which it completely mentioning about the problems that Windows always have. And if you watch Read More

Vista Listed in Cnet “Top ten terrible tech products”

The information was obtained from umarzuki.com It was so funny when I read that short article. Here is the original top ten list article from Cnet: Windows Vista Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor’s reintroduction deserves Read More