Some wonderful birthday gifts you can give to a music enthusiast are a musical instrument, an original song composition, tickets to a concert the celebrant might enjoy, or a live band performance for the celebrant’s party.

Giving gifts has always been a great way of expressing your sentiments to someone celebrating his or her birthday. You need to remember that the person’s interests are important when choosing a gift for him or her. There are several musical gifts that could make a music lover’s 75th birthday even more special. Here are some great 75th birthday gift ideas that will surely capture the interest of any music lover:

Consider giving a musical instrument to the celebrant

If the celebrant knows how to play a particular musical instrument, you can consider giving a new musical instrument as a gift for his or her birthday. If you will be giving the celebrant a new guitar, get the name of the celebrant engraved into the surface of the instrument to make it more personalized. Or, if you are giving a wooden piano, choose one that will blend into his or her living room decor. This would be a great way to show support for the recipient’s musical talent.

Write a song

If you have a talent in music, a song dedicated and composed especially for the celebrant can prove to be a one-of-a-kind gift. You have to make sure that the song is inspired by your sentiments for the recipient. You can also have the song recorded on a CD complete with a musical accompaniment so that the recipient will be able to listen to it anytime. You could have the lyrics printed on special paper and then frame it, or you could also present the song during the birthday celebration.

Tickets to a concert the celebrant might enjoy

An awesome gift that all fans of music will love is a ticket to attend a concert of his or her favorite musician or band. Find out the celebrant’s favorite musician and then browse on the Internet to see if there are any concerts or tours scheduled near your area. You can purchase 2 concert tickets so the recipient can bring along his or her spouse or a friend. To complete your gift, you can also book transportation or a hotel if the concert venue is out of town.

Hire a band to play live for the celebrant

If the celebrant will have a birthday party, you can hire a live band to perform during the event. If he or she likes classical music, hire a string quartet to play, or if the celebrant enjoys any other genre of music, you can have a local band play a list of the recipient’s favorite songs. Make sure to work with the event planner to ensure that the musical performance can be included.

When giving a gift, be sure to exert extra effort into your choice so the recipient will feel that it is really meaningful.