After I saw that promotion posted in the KFC Malaysia Facebook page, guess what is the first thing I do?
Nope, wrong! I not drive to KFC and buy that meal yet.
Commonsense lar! You see something funny in Facebook to troll about, what will you do first? Go troll first lar!

This is what I have posted in that KFC promo post’s, as well as spread around.

The ways to claim this offer:

1. Bring along 1 iron bar, just in case KFC staff bring out 1 iron bar, then all customers also have iron bars, got more then them.

2. Get a video cam ready, just in case they scold customer and try to whack customer, then record it down and upload to Youtube immediately b4 they rampas the camera. A smartphone with 3G and HD quality video recording is recommended.

3. Wearing a helmet, just in case they try to whack you head like what they do to the previous victim in i-City!

And after enough entertainment in the Facebook, I decided to go to KFC nearby my home to grab a box of that promo bucket. And guess what? I get some extra bonus on top of the bonus!
I will write in detail on how do I get the bonuses in next page.