So, don’t think you able to survive will in the IT industry after this bill is passed as an act in the law.
In order to survive in the IT industry, you need everyone else with you. Especially if you are not skillful enough.

No matter you are IT personnel for proprietary products or Open Source products, it goes the same in this case, as the bill itself, is indeed affecting every single corner of the IT industry in Malaysia.

If you really wanted to know more about how you can be part of the faction to reject the CPB bill, you can start by joining the “Bantah CPB” page in Facebook which it just created few days ago.
The official website of Bantah CPB had already deployed but still empty. Your involvement is needed for fill up the website with useful contents to create awareness to everyone else, including those who are not in the IT industry.

There are lots of discussions and debate among the IT personnels previously in the Facebook group. And the topic is still a hot topic. But it is best if the discussions to be move to the Bantah CPB page itself, as that page is more specific on this topic.

So, please act now and reject the bill to avoid apocalypse to the IT industry of Malaysia! Your future and our country’s future in IT, depends on this faction! Join the Bantah CPB website and the Bantah CPB Facebook page to follow up the updates regarding this disastrous bill now!

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