XaaS Model

I believe most people nowadays heard of words like “WordPress as a Service”, “IaaS”, “PaaS”, “SaaS” etc.
But what do you know about XaaS?
Basically, XaaS means “Anything as a Service”, where X stands for anything, such as “WordPress”, “Infrastructure”, “Platform”, “Software”, “Network”, “Database” etc.
Anything you can think that might run on a server, the “X” can be it.

In other words, it refers to the growing diversity of services available over the Internet via cloud computing as opposed to being provided locally, or on premises. Sometimes it might be known as “Everything as a Service”.

Cloud computing is actually nothing new. Really, it is not a new technology.
Cloud computing is not a technology anyway, it is more accurate to be known as an operations model, where utilizing existing virtualization technology and containerization technology, then gather them in a pool of processing power, storage etc, then allocate only the needed power for a “Service” or “Application” to run. If suddenly in need of more processing power, then more resources are added into it seamlessly.

The idea of “Cloud Computing” is dated back in 1960’s. Yeah, you heard me right, 1960’s.
In fact, this concept were already been used back in early 70’s or 80’s in mainframes. Only recent years, it has been widely spread on the Internet as a business propaganda, then it was made available to the public to host anything they want on the Internet.

Well, a lot of my services are running on “Cloud”. I even provide XaaS service too from my own pool of servers. All servers are running on Open Source solutions.
If you recently heard of the company name that I’ve started, you’ve probably already seen it in my company website. There, you can see all logos of XaaS services.

If you want to know what type of hosting service I am providing? Go ahead to https://knetwork.tech and take a look yourself.