Anyway, I am not saying all IT graduates are skilless, in fact, I know quite some amount of IT graduates who have strong skills. But they do agree that, things that are thought in universities are pretty useless and even those practical classes, thought nothing important that able to be use when you work. These IT graduates who I know, they are self taught in their knowledge, and acquire the skills from the Internet, as well as hard work in learning these skills.

Real IT skills are not something that can be indicated by a piece of paper!

And if you are thinking that just because you having a degree or some certification, you are safe from the implementation of the bill. Then you are wrong. If the bill is implemented become an act in the Federal Constitution, you are so dead. As dead as the rest of us in the IT industry!

Why? Because if you only have a CCNA or CCNP, you are only allowed to do things related with Cisco, and only the part that you are certified to do in the CCNA or CCNP. If you touch other brands like Juniper, D-Link or any other brand’s network product, you are on your way to the Kajang jail!

If you are only certified in MCSE 2003, do not expect that you can touch Windows Server 2008, because you are only certified to so Windows Server 2003 as you only have MCSE 2003, not MCSE 2008. Touching a Windows Server 2008 will be a crime you are going to commit according to the CPB bill!

And since Apache is a widely use web server application in most of the servers in Malaysia, and there are no certification for Apache, then anyone who touch Apache’s config file, will going to go to jail or get fined as well!
I bet a lot of government servants also going to jail as well, since a lot of the government sector’s new web servers are actually running on Apache as well. So as a lot of private sectors, are using Apache for their web server!
Notably banks, and most of the MNC companies!

Am I talking bull shits without facts!?
Well, Google is just a click away, do the search yourself.
And is the bill really have such restrictions that if you only certified in 1 product, you are not able to touch other product?
Read it for yourself!

Section 15(4): A Registered Computing Services Provider may only provide Computing Services in the disciplines or specialisations of Computing where the personnel is/are Registered Computing Professionals is shown in the Register under subsection 12(2).

The draft bill of CPB are able to found everywhere on the Internet now. If you did spend some time to read through the whole draft bill, you will know what I said is true.
If you afraid that the draft you download is not genuine or just simply written by someone else, well, here is the link where you can download directly from MOSTI’s website itself, provided they not are remove the document yet.

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