Every year at this very same day, I will also post a Christmas greeting in my blog.
To keep the tradition of this blog, here is my Christmas greeting to you.
This year, you will not going to see anything vulgar in my Christmas greeting post.
So, consider it is a bit different this year.

This year’s Christmas eve, I was having dinner in a Pakistan cuisine restaurant with my friends.
Thanks to them I have tasted the best spinach ever in my live. And yes, I hate to eat spinach since small. I don’t believe that what Popeye said about eating spinach can defeat Bruno. But today, the spinach I ate, I love it a lot. Eating it with capati, wah! Damn nice!
Also, thank to the Christmas present they gave me (got it last week, just now 12:00am only opened it).
The Polo Blue bottle is very nice!

Now, at the time I am writing this, I am sipping a glass of 2006 Merlot, and smoking my double vanilla tobacco (not cigar).

Although the economy of our country now is very bad, my income has affected by all the 1Malaysia shits, just like everyone else. But still, I prefer to celebrate today with joy and relax myself, without care much about my work for 1 day. At least, the wine can make me relax now. Hmm… I wish that Santa will knock my door and give me a bottle of Bollinger Grand Année for my breakfast later.

I don’t have much wish for this year’s Christmas, but just a few, as the list below:

  • A dual SIM China Android phone with querty keypad
  • My customer call me up in Christmas and tell me that they are going to sign that damn contract with me and give me fuckloads of money!
  • A bottle of Bollinger Grand Année
  • My hosting companies suddenly have 500% profit increment in overnight
  • Carefour suddenly call me up and tell me I win a Proton Inspira
  • Hopefully Santa will be able to grant these 5 simple wishes of mine.

    Ok, after fuckloads of bullcrap I have written, here is the part you have been waiting for.
    Merry Christmas!

    Hope you like the song at below!