My second reply to the mailing list:
@red1 & @Slaya
Here is the part 2 of what I wanted to say.

Nowadays, I can see lots of people are remastering Ubuntu and release to the public and claim that as a new distro.
Hey, come on! The whole “New Distro” is still using the exact same repo as the original Ubuntu, no new codes added, even when you do a “cat /etc/issue” it still shows as Ubuntu.
So, whats so proud about releasing a “New Distro” that is built using UCK or remastersys?
It is still ok if you are releasing it to the public. But hey, you release it and expect people to call you a Linux Guru, and bashing other distro saying yours are the best!?
This will only spark up distro wars!
This is not what we need in the FLOSS world!
(Disclaimer: I am not pointing my gun to FiMOS, as they say they did compile their own kernel and hosted their own repo and repackaged the packages them self.
FiMOS is more to commercial, with own business agenda. So consider what I write at above are exempted for FiMOS. So please do not feel offended.)

And there is one more thing I don’t like about a lot of people who are joining the FLOSS community for some other reasons.

Example, some n00bs think that they use Linux, they are 1337 and smarter than anyway else. To these people I would like to say “FUCK YOU! N00B!!!”
This part is pointed to those n00b who too proud of them self:
Using a Linux distro and just know how to customize your own desktop and customize the compiz, does not make you a g33k or 1337! Just that you had accepted something that other people refuse to accept, thats all!
Just because you use Linux as your secondary OS in your desktop, you go and tell everyone that you hacker? You a disgrace to all the FLOSS users! People like you, making bad impression and misunderstanding on the OSS communities to those who do not understand much about Open Source! You are making people think that OSS developers are black hat hackers and also making people thinking that OSS activist are a bunch of communist minded rebels!
And this also causing lots of developers who are not yet understand/adopted OSS to avoid involve in any OSS development. You are making them fear to be labeled as a bad communist minded hacker in the software development field!
Joining the OSS communities does not make you part of the elite in the IT world! So if you are thinking that you are damn pro just because you joined some OSS groups, then I think anyone who know how to point and click using their mouse to click the “Join” button are also pro hackers already lar!

Another thing I don’t like is, a lot of these n00bs are treating the OSS groups, irc channels, mailing list of the Malaysia’s FLOSS groups are places to flirt.
Hey! If you want to flirt, the go to Dal Net and join the #klsex or #nyah channel to flirt lar! There is a lot bitches for you to flirt there! Freenode is not a place for flirting! The mailing list is not a place for you to harvest chicks emails to flirt!
And every time these n00bs saw a female in the irc channels or mailing list, they straight assume that these females knows nothing and try to act smart to them!?
Hoi!!! Please stop this kind of fucking gender discrimination!
They are probably 10x smarter than you! If they know nothing about OSS, they wouldn’t be in these OSS irc channels and mailing list!
I know quite some female developers who wanted to join these OSS mailing list and irc discussion channels. They wanted to understand more about OSS and wanted to contribute back to the community. Guess what is the reason they hold back and didn’t join us? It is because of these n00bs makes them feel uncomfortable! When they take the first step, which is joining the irc channels, straight there is a lot of losers messaging them and flirt them. And one more thing they hate the most is, they are treated like a bimbo by these n00bs!
Lots of them are quite talented. But because of these n00bs, they feel very offended and leave.
This is the reason why it is hard to see females are active in our OSS activities and developments!
Try to check out the portal. Majority of those people who joined is those “buaya” and posting offensive flirting post into the mailing list!!!
These buaya n00bs has caused that mailing list become inactive already!!!

To Be Continued… If I remember what else I wanted to rant…

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