Everyone Connects

I still remember last year, while everyone saying that it is impossible for TM to accomplish anything big, TM has successfully proved that these people are wrong.

By launching the “Every Connects“, TM had created a new trend in the city.
I’m sure everyone still remember how everyone started to pick up this “Every Connects” trend.
Yes, by this song named “Through My Window”:

When the song was introduced, everyone know how to sing this song. And there is even events where everyone sing this song on the street. Yeah, thousands of people singing this song together on the street!

The “Every Connects” doesn’t just ends there. In fact, it is still keep on growing and improving.
Just take a look at their website, it is rebuilt with full flash and interesting way for people to browse the website.
You may visit the website at http://www.everyoneconnects.net/twec/Intro.aspx
While the most interesting ones, is The Everyone Connects World.
Myself, I did spend a lot time playing in their website. It is kinda cute.
And I found one thing every interesting, when you go to the The Everyone Connects World at night, the background will show the night scene, while day time, it show the day time background.
Kinda interesting.

By the way, “Every Connects” just celebrated their one year anniversary at The Curve last Sunday.
Although I missed the event, but you may see some of the pictures which TM posted it on Facebook.

The Paper Fella & The Paper Felli

The People
The Peoples!
The People

The Gorgeous



TM has successfully proved that they able to accomplish something big, maintaining it and every make it grow! Of course, supports from the people is needed.
So lets continue to support “Every Connects” and let it grow even bigger!

And lets not forget, another thing that brought by TM, the iTalk Whoa! which it has lots of features for your convenience while you are surfing the Internet!