Petrol Will Raise 15

At first, I though it is a rumor. But after found the news, then I am sure it is true. In fact, before I posted this, I just came back from fill up my fuel tank until full! ๐Ÿ˜› The Read More


MTV In HD Quality Just watched this movie few days ago and addicted to it, although a lot of the details of the movie is wrong according to the facts and history. Anyway, hope you enjoy this song.

Everyone Connects Turns One!!!

I still remember last year, while everyone saying that it is impossible for TM to accomplish anything big, TM has successfully proved that these people are wrong. By launching the “Every Connects“, TM had created a new trend in the Read More


So, what is ShopWiki? It is something like a wiki, but it is more specific to products and online shops. In the ShopWiki website, you can find almost everything you might want to buy from the Internet listed in ShopWiki. Read More