So, what is ShopWiki?
It is something like a wiki, but it is more specific to products and online shops.
In the ShopWiki website, you can find almost everything you might want to buy from the Internet listed in ShopWiki.

When you search in google, you will find that there is a lot of different domain name for ShopWiki.
The reason why you can find so many domain name with different country domain extension is because they all have products and shops database for each country. For example, will list up most of the USA online shops/products and online shops/products worldwide. While will list up online shops and products from Spain.

Now in this article, I will focus more on which it is obvious from its domain, the UK ShopWiki site.
I have visit this this UK ShopWiki site, and found that the wiki do have a very complete database of UK online stores.

For example, if you want to find more details about Nintendo Wii, you just go to and you can see the details for this products as well as shops that is selling this product in UK.

If you wanted to read some buying guides for Video Games, you just go to and you can read the guides for buying a video game console.

For more details about what I am talking about, try to take a look at