Microsoft has finally taken over Skype.
Details of the news can be read from here.

I’m sure most of you guys who are reading this article, still remember what is Skype.
Yup, the VOIP that used to be something famous once, and still used by some company to reduce phone bill.

The news about Microsoft wanted to buy over Skype was spread somewhere around May. But now only they sealed the deal.

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer(The crazy guy in the video above) says “Skype is a phenomenal product and brand that is loved by hundreds of millions of people around the world.” “We look forward to working with the Skype team to create new ways for people to stay connected to family, friends, clients and colleagues – anytime, anywhere.”

Ok, now I fully understand why people always said Microsoft is always a few step behind the others.
From what I know, people are now using Viber to make VOIP calls via their smartphones. It is very rare to see people still using Skype on their phones nowadays because of some crappy implementation of Skype to restrict users from other telco(those who are not Skype partners) to make VOIP calls via the smartphones app.

While making VOIP calls from the computer? I see people are using Google Voice nowadays, which is something that is integrated into the Gmail itself.

People are already moved to mobile era now, Microsoft still focus only on desktop/laptop? Come on man!

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, is always far behind other browsers.
Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS, yeah, they used to be staying ahead once, long time ago. And now? Even their Windows Mobile 7 which is released recently, can’t be better than Android 1.6.
What else? Windows Vista, Windows 7? Take a look at Linux’s desktop environments, such as Gnome and KDE, then you will see how far is Windows losing behind them.

Since now Microsoft has decided to spend US$6.5 billion, what we can do, is just wish them luck. Hopefully they will still have money to launch their Windows 8 after this. LOL