Those who know me long enough, will know that I used to use this phone long time ago.
It is a Samsung Galaxy 5, the 5th Galaxy phone that Samsung produced.
It is so old that it can be consider as an antique. Not much people heard about this phone before.
Sometimes when I told people that my first smart phone was Galaxy 5, some people might misunderstood that I an talking about Galaxy S5.
It sometimes referred as Galaxy Europa. The model number are from i5500 to i5503. Mine is i5503.

It was my first smart phone and it was given to me by my wife as a gift when I passed the LPI-1 certification exam.
When I received the phone, it was still running on Android Eclair (Android 2.1).

Well, it was so classic that there are a lot people still love this phone so much. So much that some Android ROM developers still porting newer version of Android to this phone.
The last version of Android that build for this phone is Cynogenmod 11, a community driven version of Android Kitkat (4.4).
Of course, with the total memory of 256MB RAM, it can’t really run smooth with newer versions of Android. The only official version of Android supported by Samsung was only until Android Froyo 2.2.1, and it is only for the Brazil edition. So you can see how lagging it can be when it go up to Kitkat.
It still still very smooth when running on Cynogenmod 7 (Android 2.3.6) though.

I’ve attempted to run it on Cynogenmod 11 before, but it was lagging like hell. So now I just settled it down with Cynogenmod 10.1 only, and still, nothing much can run on it. It took me more than 2 minutes for Whatsapp to startup…

As its internal memory is only 183.8M(on i5503), I can’t install much apps in it.
And its partition for /system is only 168.3M(on i5503).
So in order to run much newer version of Cynogenmod on it, we have to partition the memory card and mount the /system mount point to the first partition of the memory card.
Well, that tends to make the phone even much more slower, as the speed limit of a memory card, will be much slower than the phone’s internal NAND flash memory. I was using a class 10 memory card, but it is still slower than a snail crawling.
Therefore, I had decided to go back to Cynogenmod 7(2.3.6) instead.

Anyway, just to show you some of the screenshots from my Galaxy 5 (i5503) that I’ve flashed to Cyanogenmod 7.
Don’t mind about the “Android Version” that stated 4.2.1, I had edited the build.prop to fake the Android version only.