Rukun Negara

Same like everyone, I also write something about Merdeka day, like what I do every year.
Today’s article, might provoke a lot people, especially those who are racist.
If you are not ready to get criticize, then leave, don’t bark here.
In this article, I will not write anything racist, as I am not a racist kind of people. But I am going to condemn those racist that are causing havoc and threats to our nation!

Again, if you are a racist and not ready to get criticize, leave now and stop reading!

I will start my article by reminding you about Rukun Negara, something that you used to recite a lot during school time, but had wiped out from your mind now.

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan:
Faith to God.
Majority of the people in Malaysia do have religion, regardless you are a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Hindu or any other religion that is showing you the correct path.
Having faith to the God, will leads you to the correct moral behavior. Religion does some how shape a person’s good attitude, if follow it correctly.

The reason why it is written as Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan but not Kepercayaan Kepada Allah, is because this country is a multiracial country. To be exact, multiracial which consist of peoples with different religion. The Rukun Negara itself, do respect every race and religion, and long as it is a good religion.

But nowadays, it is sad to see some people are mocking each others religion and causing religion fights in this country. When the fight has started, they claim that they are protecting their religion. But think carefully, are they really protecting the name of their religion, or they are just acting recklessly without concern about what their religion had taught them? In this case, I am not only talking about followers of 1 religion only. I am talking about all religion’s followers! This inclusive of those extremist Muslims, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus and others! If you love your religion, do not go against with what you have taught in your religion! Learn to understand and accept each others!

To be honest, it is even more sad to see that there is some certain people(I do not want to mention who), causing religious tense and causing fights among each other for their own benefit and agenda. This had been repeat and repeat again without end. As a citizen of this nation, please be wise and do not fall into these people’s evil plans! If these people see that their plans works, they will even create more religion tense for succeeding their evil agenda! Stay unite and do not become puppet of these evil peoples!

Kesetiaan Kepada Raja Dan Negara:
As you know, this country is built by uniting a lot of states. Each states of its own Kings.
If not because of the late Kings of each states agrees to be united and form Malaya, we will not have as much natural resources like nowadays. Example, petroleum, tin mines, lands etc.
Remember, our country is a United Kingdom! Consist of several kingdoms to form a country.
As you know, the King of our country is known as Yang di-Pertuan Agong, who hold the throne for a 5 years term, then rotate to another state’s King at the next term.

Many people disrespect the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and treated His Majesty as a puppet leader. To those who think like that, screw you!
Many people thinks that Yang di-Pertuan Agong only have power as the head of the national religion. If you think like that, you are wrong!

Yang di-Pertuan Agong do have very important role to the politic as well, if you do not know about that.
His Majesty is the one who select who should be the Prime Minister among the elected Wakil Rakyats from the party that commanded the confidence of a majority of the elected lower house of Parliament, the Dewan Rakyat. In the same case, His Majesty can also dismiss the Prime Minister and appoint another person as the Prime Minister if His Majesty think that the appointed Prime Minister is unfit to continue to hold the position.
For example, if the appointed Prime Minister has gone crazy and doing crazy things like attacking USA with the military just because Obama say he don’t like to eat Nasi Lemak. Then His Majesty can immediately dismiss him and replace him with another elected Wakil Rakyat from the party which commanding majority power in the Dewan Rakyat.

His Majesty also have the power to dissolve the Parliament and call for a new general election if His Majesty thinks that the current ruling line of the Parliament do not functioning well in order to administrating this country.
Usually, it is the Prime Minister who request for the Parliament to be dissolve for a a new general election during the end of the parliamentary term. The Prime Minister have no choice anyway, he will have to request for dissolving the Parliament no matter what, according to the Federal Constitution.
But still, His Majesty have the rights to refuse to dissolve the Parliament and extend the parliamentary term.

Besides these important roles, His Majesty do have a lot other power in the politic and power to choose those important people for those important positions, such as the chief judges, police chief, etc.
And His Majesty also is the Supreme Commander of the Malaysian Armed Forces. His Majesty is responsible for appointing of Chief of the Armed Forces Staff as well as the service heads of each of the three branches of the military.
Which means, the final decision of whether to attack another country, falls on the hand of His Majesty. Not the Prime Minister or Defense Minister.

Therefore, we should respect and be loyal to a Good King!

While about loyalty to the country(Kesetiaan Kepada Negara).
I don’t think I need to talk too much about this. Even a moron know how important to be loyal to the country.
We born at this land, we grow up in this land, and we do all kinds of thing in this land(including legal nasty things when you are young). We should protect it.
No one like traitor, no one like people who sell their own country.
But it is very sad to see nowadays, there is a lot of clown who have no dignity, had betrayed the people’s trust and sell our country’s land and asset to other country…

Ronald McDonald

Keluhuran Perlembagaan,:
Respect, Obey and Protect the Constitution.
As you all know, the constitution is the most supreme law for this country.
The constitution is mainly enforcing laws regarding the unity, the national security, the politic, partially regarding religion, as well as racial issues stuffs and many more.
It contains laws of how our government should be formed as well as stated how our constitutional monarchy system works. Our Parliament nowadays were formed according to the constitution.

Of course, there is some part of the constitution which is very sensitive and had become a hot topic since long time ago.
Article 160 of the Constitution of Malaysia
Article 153 of the Constitution of Malaysia

Anyway, I will not talk much about this 2 articles of the constitution as it is very sensitive. I do not want myself get into any trouble, since no matter which side I am on, I will be still charged with sedition acts.

But I do like to talk about some certain people who are taking advantage.
There is in fact, some certain people who are trying to take advantage using the constitution by twisting the facts and misinterpret it on purpose for their own benefit and agenda.
There are also certain people who wanted to amend it in order to succeed their evil plans.
And I am talking about people who both side of the politic! The ruling coalition as well as the opposition!

From what I see, a lot of these politicians do not really care about their own race, but in fact, using racial issues and racial tense as their weapons of their own political agenda, as well as their agenda for their other interest(I’m sure you know what I mean by this).
These are the people who do not respect the constitution and belittling the constitution.
They are suppose to defend and protect the constitution, not misusing the constitution for their own benefit!

Kedaulatan Undang-Undang:
Ok, do not do things that violate the laws, I think your parents and teachers already taught you this before!
To make it clearer, you do not smoke pots or weeds or even take other kind of drugs if cigarettes is not enough for you!
You do not sell drugs if you have no money!
You do not sell your country just because you no money to open a Nasi Lemak restaurant in oversea!
You do not kill people if people know your secrets!
You do not defame people just because you don’t like them!
You do not rape people just because your dick itchy!
These all against the laws! These all, against the federal laws as well as states laws!
You do understand what I am trying to say, don’t you?
So don’t do anything that violate the laws!

And finally,
Kesopanan Dan Kesusilaan:
Not much people can really do this. I would say, including myself.
But lets just try to do the most basic ones.
Be kind to each other, do not create troubles among each other. Especially racial issues.
At least, try to learn to respect each other. Everything can be start from simple things like respecting each others. If you try to respect people from other races, racial issues will not happen at all.

A lot of baboons, they are either taught less from their parents, or never taught by their parents at all, are using all kinds of vulgar words when communicating with people who do not close to them. They think that people should respect them and have to tolerate their kind of behavior. But it seems like they have forgotten than if they want people to respect them, they should also respect other people.
When other people talks back to them with the exact same way they did, they are blaming people rude to them.
Have they forgotten about this part of the Rukun Negara?

The saddest thing is, some of those who we have elected, for lead and protect us, is treating us like they never need us at all. Have they forgotten how they get their votes? People who have voted them, tried to talk politely to them, but they ignore the people. How ungrateful they can be!?
I am talking both side of the politic! Both the ruling coalition as well as the opposition!
Not all of them are like this, but most of them are like this!
When you see how they communicate in the Parliament, you will shake your head.
They can be as rude as calling other people with vulgar names, just because of they have immunity while speaking inside the Parliament meeting!? This is not the way to use the immunity! The immunity is used for shaping country to become a better place, not making it worse!

And the people of this country. Why can’t you teach your children to be polite to other people? Yeah, some of you might teach your children to be polite to other people. But when your child saw you cursing at other people with vulgar and racist words, what you think your child will learn!? They will learn what they see, not what they heard!

To be honest, there is a lot things I had erased from this article, as I know that Malaysians are not ready to read those things. It might also causing me into troubles. It is so hard to get this article to complete, as I have to filter out a lot of things to avoid provocation of certain people.

If you are wondering what is those things, those are my opinion about those racist.
And I am not referring to any races, because all races is the same. There is racist in every race. Malays, Chinese, Indians etc. All races have a group of people who are racist.
We can’t deny the facts that a lot people who saying other people who are racist, are actually racist them self.
You do not hate other race for being racist, as all races do have culprits as well as those people who are good.
If you hate other race because of they are racist, then hate yourself first. Because for thinking that way, yourself are actually a real racist.

Therefore, when you speak out loud “Selamat Hari Merdeka!”, make sure you do follow the Rukun Negara principles and practicing it, not just reading it without doing it!

At last, I am proud to say, “Selamat Hari Merdeka!” as a Anak Malaysia! who cherish unity!