When you see this word, and you think about it means the “quotation” as the one that is in the picture above, then means your boss hired a good employee.

Recently, I’ve read from some blogs, found that quite a lot of bloggers do actually like to share quotes that they feel it inspired them.
Which it is good, because they do willing to share something that they think it is useful with other people
A lot people, they will not even share good things when they found it. Example, those people who they found a piece of good software, they will keep for them self to use and never even willing to spread out the good information with people, although it is a free and opensource software.

Anyway, not all quotations is suitable for everyone, you have to find those that you really like in order to cherish those words. Some might be looks like craps to you, but it do have very good meaning to some people. So you shall not say some people are stupid for appreciating some quotes that you think it have no meaning to you. We shall agree that each quotes have its own inspirational value.

For me, I am a poet, not really a philosopher.
So what I can share with you is only this:

Each quotes have its own meaning,
Each quotes brings different meaning to each person.
Some quotes is useful for some people,
Some quotes is useless to some people.
Find the quotes you like the most,
Find the quotes that you need the most.
Be inspired by the quotes you like the most,
Be touched by the quotes you love the most.