Two days ago, at around 5.45pm. I found that my time has stopped!
I am so happy that I finally posses the power of stopping time!
And then, eh….. Wait!…..
Damn! How come the time in the PC is still moving 1?
Ok, then I found that it is actually my watch battery is dead.
Dammit… It move for a while and stop for a while!
If really no battery, don’t move at all lar! Why syok syok like that move a bit!?
Let me enjoy the time stop moment mah!

So, as usually normal human do, of course I send the watch to the shop and change the battery lar.
When go to the shop, they tell me that they dun have the equipment to open it!?
They asked me to leave it there for around 2 days and they send to other branch to change the battery for me. Then I asked them, “Then how much you plan to slaughter me with this?”.
Luckily they don’t dare to slaughter me, if not I will sure bomb that shop like how I bomb Tokyo!

Until now, I still not yet get back the watch.
I don’t even know the time is still moving or it got stop or not.
Coz I do not have a watch on my wrist now.

Ok, after done sending that watch to the shop, I go to the Wangsa Walk George Town White Coffee.
This one, the pirated Old Town White Coffee.


And yeah! This is a post to promote them!
To Promote how rude they are to customers!
If your mood are too good and wanted to have bad mood for the day, please feel free to go to this damn cafe to get pissed off by them!

Here is the story on what happened.
I was feeling damn tired and decided to have a glass of white coffee and relax for a while.
So, I saw this “cetak rompak”, then I sit down and wanted to make my order.
I have waited damn fucking long, no one come and ask me for my order.
Until I keep on “Hello, order!” for so fucking many times, finally a bitch come.
Guess what that bitch said?
“Order tulis sendiri.”
And she did not even look at me while she said that to me!
Mah cibai! That time also don’t have much people over there also, can so busy until no time to take my order ar?
Ask me to write my self!?
Ok lah, but that damn fucking paper on the table, it is so damn fucking confusing!
I am not a waiter there, how do I know how to write like them?
Theirs 1 not like Old Town 1 wor, Old Town 1 got stated those item properly for us to tick and write the quantity. Theirs on only got 3 column, stated “Remark, QTY”, and 1 more dunno WTF izzit already.
How the fuck she expect me to write!?
Furthermore, I only want to order a glass of White Coffee only, no need to write and straight press at the fucking POS also can already lar!

I am so damn pissed off and I straight stand up and say,
“Damn fucking bad attitude to customers!”
Then I walked away to another cafe.

Mah puki! My hometown’s George Town service is also damn good, better then the Old Town at my hometown ar!? At least they know that they are “cetak rompak” and still know how to be polite ar!
This pukimak George Town at Wangsa Walk, so fucking lansi!
I think I can give them this award:

pukimak award

By the way, the picture of that cafe was taken after I walked away.
Can see how fucking “crowded” at there at that time or not?
Very “crowded” and got “so many” people until they are so damn fucking “busy” hor!?