Some of you who really read what I write, might find out that some articles I write is damn long and contains damn fucking much words.

Yeah, although not much people is reading this blog, but still I like to write until very long. I feel satisfy by writing damn fucking long in my own blog.
No one read it? Its fine, I just writing what I want to write and these articles can be something I can refer to in the future.

But for those who really read what the heck I am writing about, might feel that there is too much words in one single page, and it will eventually makes them feel quite tired/lazy to read.
To be honest, myself also feel damn lazy to read what I write myself sometimes coz of the words is damn fucking much stuffed into a single page.

Then now I found a WordPress plugin that able to split a single article into multiple pages.
I had tested it and actually modified it a bit myself.
Now it is already activated and functioning.

From now on, those articles that is damn freaking long, you will found that it have some links at the bottom of the article stated “Page 1, Page 2, Page 3…..”.
When you see these links in the articles, then it means the article you are reading is a multiple pages article. And if you want to continue to read, you have to go to the next page to continue reading it if you really want to read it. Anyway, I bet more than 60% people who come here will not click to the next page coz these people are usually lazy people.

So from now on, any articles that is longer than 300 words, will be split into multiple pages.
And make sure you pay attention to the “Page 1, Page 2, Page 3…..” links!