As you know, the PSA video above which had only aired for a while on TV is now banned.
Media Prima, the company that owns TV3, 8TV, NTV7 and Channel 9, and another company, Astro received an email from MCMC (Mah Cibai! Mah Chaohai!) saying that this video got opposition parties MP face in it, and saying that Tengku Razaleigh is stating that country is having all sorts of problems in the video. Thats why the video have to be removed from showing on the TV!?

Come on lar! Without the TV, there is Internet lar.
MCMC think that they can stop people from viewing the PSA? Doing election campaign is not what MCMC should do lah, why the hell they go and ban this video to assist on the Gang 1Malaysia’s election campaign?

What KuLI said in the PSA video is the truth, you think by banning this video, people will not know that this country is in all sorts of problem ar!?

Not only this video is banned recently, even the movie produced by NameWee, the Nasi Lemak 2.0 is also banned just because of a group of racist requested the movie to be ban.

Woi! Come on lar! These group of racist do not even know what the movie is all about yet, and they even refuse to go and watch and understand the story and the moral values sent by this movie, just straight go and protest and ask to ban this movie?

The most ridiculous thing these group of racist said is, because this movie is produced by NameWee, thats why it will bring negative to the youth!? I see nothing inside the movie can carry any negative influence to anyone at all!!! So to these group of extremist, promoting the muhibah spirit is something negative lar!?

If want to say will cause negative influence to youth, then “Rempit” and “KL Gangster” should be ban! Why are these type of gangsterism worshiping movies are allowed, while a movie about promoting unity among races is banned!?

It seems like what is wrong is correct and whats correct is wrong in this fucking country!

Fuck Racist! Fuck Power Abusers!