Sesak Day

To those Buddhist and Hindus, Happy Wesak Day.

Yesterday was Wesak Day, and it falls on Friday. So to blue collars who do not need to work at Saturday, they will have a long weekend.
A lot of these blue collars take this opportunity to go back their home town, since it is rare to have a long weekend like this. Due to this reason, everywhere near the entrance of the highways, become damn fucking crowded and jammed like hell.
But it is ok, since they are taking this rare opportunity, we can’t blame them.

But hey, there is a lot people do not go back home town.
These people are those young working people as well as students.
Instead of going back to their home town, they stay in KL and take this opportunity to enjoy and go around the whole KL as well as going to disco 3 nights straight (Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night).
For this, it is still ok.

The thing that I pissed off the most is, these fuckers purposely drive the long way to those Hindu temple places and go and busy body there before they head to their destination for enjoy.
Woi! Common lar! You know those places will be damn fucking busy and crowded, just avoid driving to these places lar, since you are not celebrating Wesak Day, why the fuck you purposely drive through these place to sibuk over there?
Keep those road less jam for those people who are actually need to go there for religious purpose lar!
If you live nearby those places, I got nothing to say. But purposely drive from far place just to drive through these places and sibuk from the car!?

Fuck you for making the road more jam lar!