Forbidden FruitForbidden Fruit 2

The story of “The Forbidden Fruit”, is quite a well known story in “The Book Of Genesis” and most people already know about it.
It is about the GOD told Adam & Eve do not eat the ‘Forbidden Fruit’, which it is illustrates as an apple.
Adam and Eve was told to guard the “Garden Of Eden”, they are allowed to eat all fruits, except for the ‘Forbidden Fruit’. But Eve go and pluck down the ‘Forbidden Fruit’, then Adam and Eve both ate the ‘Forbidden Fruit’.

Ok, so whats the moral of the story?
Why do I talk crap here?
The point I wanted to say is, if not because of Adam & Eve go and eat that apple, you think izzit possible for your dad and mom ‘Eat The Forbidden Fruit’ and made you?
Still confuse?
Ok, if Adam & Eve do not take the risk of doing this forbidden act, we will all not exist!

The above is forbidden acts that is done unintentionally.
Below, the forbidden acts is those that is done intentionally.

Before our country was independent, questioning the British government and go against them is consider something forbidden.
But yet, Tunku Abdul Rahman and his gang fly over to UK and directly talk to the “big boss”, and demand for independence. Yes, it was something forbidden, and it has been done. Hence now, we are independent and having our own flag on the “stick”.

And now, the most recent ones.
A lot people think that it is forbidden to fight the government. It was, and it is still forbidden.
But the opposition has take the steps to fight with the ruling party which is the one who controlling the current government. They had been doing it for many years and at last, at 8th March 2008, the opposition finally captured Pulau Pinang, Selangor and Perak (Kelatan no need to mention, it is PAS stronghold), which it is BN’s stronghold. People of these states finally get a new state government and the citizen’s complaints are now taken seriously under the ruling by the new state government.

And then, about politic bloggers.
It is so forbidden to talk about anything which tarnish the name of the ruling federal government leaders. It will eventually get you into trouble with “Ikut Suka Aku” if you are too honest with what you are thinking and talked too much. And yes, I think this post might be causing me troubles also. Lol
But Raja Petra is brave to commit something which is considered as something extremely forbidden. He slam the government with his articles, with facts and some unknown sources information as support for his statements. A lot of secrets has been revealed by him, although some of it had claim by “someone” saying that those are not the facts.

His action is brave and he had inspired a lot of new politic bloggers to voice up their opinion bravely. A new trend of blogging is now introduced to Malaysia due to his courage of committing this forbidden action. People are now more brave to voice out what they not happy about the current situation in our country. You won’t find this type of blogging culture in Singapore though…. They all still scared of their government.

And next, NameWee.
I consider him as my idol because of his skills of composing as well as the way he express what he think.
Not much people can actually express what they think creatively with song, especially when it is related with racial issues and people’s mindset issues.
With his own revamped version of our national anthem Negaraku, which he named it as NegaraKuKu, he had successfully voiced out a lot of the frustration which was faced by the Chinese community in this country.
Modifying the national anthem is a taboo and disrespect to the country according to our constitution.
But hey, he did this forbidden acts, and people are happy because finally what they always want to express out is finally really heard by “those people”!

So conclusion?
Sometimes you need to be brave and embrace yourself to do something you think it is forbidden.
By doing this, you may be able to create a better world to live, a better country to stay, a more happy life for your own.
What is previously considered as forbidden is not completely wrong. Sometimes, it is actually the correct thing to do.
So be brave to make changes, be brave to rebuild the country to be a better place to live!