PacMan 30th Anniversary

You might found that the Google logo today has been replaced with the javascript based PacMan game. Yes, Google put it there them self, they are not hacked. It is for celebrate the PacMan’s 30th anniversary. Anyway, some of you Read More

Tonight I Celebrate My Love

Why I post up this song? Those who know me, they will know why. To those who do not know me, do not ask why I post this song, coz I will not tell. To those who know me, thanks Read More

5 Excellent Advantages of Having an iPhone Merchant Account

With an iphone merchant account, merchants will be having a head start. The advantages of having one are the fact that it

Lesson 102: The Steps Of Becoming Invisible

As promised before this, I am going to write about this Lesson 102 article. Before you continue reading this, I want to warn you. This tutorial is to teach you how to protect your identity by becoming anonymous on the Read More

Sending SMS With iTalk Whoa!

TM iTalk Whoa! is no longer something new on Malaysia blogspore recently. In fact, you might had already seen a lot of people mentioning about it, including in my blog here. A lot of people had tried it, there is Read More