Tribute To A Legend: Grace Chang (??)

I’m sure most of you already heard these songs before, so no need me to talk much. All these songs here are sung by Grace Chang, or more well known for her Chinese name ??. So now, just listen and Read More

Wesak Day? Sesak Day Lah Woi!

To those Buddhist and Hindus, Happy Wesak Day. Yesterday was Wesak Day, and it falls on Friday. So to blue collars who do not need to work at Saturday, they will have a long weekend. A lot of these blue Read More

Garfield’s Exclusive Hosting Discount Coupon

Click the Hostgator banner at above to go to the Hostgator hosting purchase site and use this coupon if you wanted to buy a web hosting account from them. You are free to give this coupon code to anyone, it Read More

Update Devices Driver With Driver Access

For Windows users, there is always some problems about their device drivers not working properly. A lot people do now know this, but devices drivers in Windows are same like softwares, they need to be update regularly if ensure the Read More

Tutorial: How To Make C-4

The picture above just for make this post looks more dramatic only. I will teach you how to make C-4 with just 3 simple steps. As everyone know, C-4 can be make just using things that you can get from Read More