For Windows users, there is always some problems about their device drivers not working properly.
A lot people do now know this, but devices drivers in Windows are same like softwares, they need to be update regularly if ensure the PC’s hardware is running on full performance.

For Windows itself, it usually only update its security patches and never include the drivers patches. Therefore updating your Windows will not update the latest devices drivers. You will need to download those drivers one by one from the hardware manufacturer’s website and install them manually.

Now there is a lot of 3rd party drivers updater which they manage all the devices drivers in their database, and will prompt you to update them regularly, just like how you update you antivirus. Here I would like to introduce one of these softwares, it is called driveraccess. According to their website, they are currently support Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also support Windows 7 which it is the latest version of Windows.

This driver access software have all the devices drivers you need. Wireless card, LAN card, display card, sound card, chipset drivers, and you name it. They have all of it. And the installer is only 2.4MB, which it is actually quite small. So I assume you will not need to worry about how much RAM it use when it is running in your PC. For those gamers who regularly need to update their display cards drivers to get better performance for gaming, this will be a very good solution and able to save a lot time with it.

If you are interested to try it, you may go to and download it. Hope it helps you on saving your time.

Disclaimer: The product is made by its respective company, I do not held responsible for anything regarding the product stated above.