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Coupon Code: garfieldwtf

As most of you might know, my work are mostly related to web hosting stuffs.

In my previous articles, I had mentioned a lot about my own products such as web hosting services, VPS, dedicated servers and a lot more.

Now this one is a bit different, it is not about my own products. It is other people’s products.
The name Hostgator is a quite well know web hosting service provider’s name.
So this article will be about them. I am not writing a review about their service now, I will just talk about what you can do with the coupon I give you at below.

A lot people do like do buy web hosting for their own web sites and blogs, usually these people will choose those well known web hosting service provider and do not care about the quality of the web hosting services that they might get. While for Hostgator, I had tested their services before and I am quite satisfied with it. I was using their Business Plan shared hosting at that time.

Now at here, I would like to give you an exclusive coupon to all my blog reader. This coupon will give you discount up to US$9.94. It is valid for all web hosting plans from Hostgator.
If the product that you are going to purchase is lower than US$9.94, you will still be charge at US$0.01. So no matter what, you will still have to pay 1 cent. So I would recommend you to straight take the “Baby Plan” instead of “Hatchling Plan” if you just plan to use it for only 1 month.

Here is the coupon code:

Coupon Code: garfieldwtf

Click the Hostgator banner at above to go to the Hostgator hosting purchase site and use this coupon if you wanted to buy a web hosting account from them.
You are free to give this coupon code to anyone, it is not restricted to my readers only.
And by the way, this coupon is an exclusive gift from me!