Some of you who have followed my blog for some time, I’m sure you do know about iTalk Whoa!
I believe most of you had already registered your iTalk Whoa! account and have your RM5 credits in your account already.

Now here is another good news for you who using iTalk Whoa!
In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, TM is offering a 20% extra credits to your account when you activate or reload you iTalk card within 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010.

Which means, when you reload RM20, you will get extra RM4. Reload RM30 will get extra RM6 and if you reload RM50, you will get extra RM10.

Here is the chart of you wanted to see:

  1. RM20 => Additional RM4 (Total: RM24)
  2. RM30 ==> Additional RM6 (Total: RM36)
  3. RM50 ==> Additional RM10 (Total: RM60)

If you do use iTalk a lot, especially iTalk Whoa!, then I would suggest you to buy more reload card and reload as much as you can and keep the credit in your account within this period of time. 20% extra credits is a lot! And we do not know when such offer will come again.

Furthermore, once the credits is loaded into your account, they will stay in your account permanently until you use them. It does not have expiry date! So I would recommend you to reload as much as you can, reload until you crazy and take advantage on this limited time offer!

Other than that, there is also something new in iTalk!

For those who usually buy online contents such as HyppTunes(buy songs online), E-Browse(read newspaper online), B-SmartXpress(Comprehensive Online Learning & Assessment Package), Gamezone(online games) and MUTV online(watch Manchester United videos).
This might be a good news for you. You can now purchase these TM online contents using iTalk, which it will be more convenient for you!

You may go to these websites at below and check it out if you still not familiar with these online products yet.

I believe there will be new feature in iTalk and iTalk Whoa! in future.
If you wanted to know more regarding iTalk Whoa! new features, just come back here more often to follow up the news updates on iTalk Whoa!. I will be posting regarding this when there is something new regarding iTalk Whoa!
Now, lets go and buy more reload cards and reload within the promotion period, don’t miss this chance to get more free credits to your iTalk account!